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environmental health & saftey mgmt. systems
Industrial Hygiene Services
Occupational Safety Management
Environmental Surveys, Permitting, and Management
Incident Investigation
Contingency Planning and Response
Workers' Compensation Insurance
Owner-Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs)
Litigation assistance

Industrial Hygiene Services - Planning and execution of exposure assessment surveys for noise, hydrocarbons, chemicals, dusts, fibers, minerals, radiation, vibration, and other environmental agents; reviews of exposure, biomonitoring, and health impact data; respiratory protection services including respirator selection, fit testing, development of cartridge change-out schedule, training, and CGA breathing air quality assurance testing; Hearing Conservation Program administration and review including written programs, noise dosimetry, data management, noise control, audiometric trend analysis, audiometric test booth re-certifications, training, etc.; reviews of personal protective equipment (PPE) systems; ventilation system reviews; training for special health programs such as infectious agent and vector control, blood-borne pathogen, potable water, food sanitation, etc.; creation of Hazard Communication program elements and delivery of ongoing support such as MSDS program administration; and ergonomic and material handling evaluations and training.