apt environmental solutions

environmental health & saftey mgmt. systems
Industrial Hygiene Services
Occupational Safety Management
Environmental Surveys, Permitting, and Management
Incident Investigation
Contingency Planning and Response
Workers' Compensation Insurance
Owner-Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs)
Litigation assistance


strives to provide solutions appropriate to each client's unique business objectives; operating culture, locations, and goals; resource considerations; and marketing goals. The list of services above is partial - client requirements vary dramatically between countries, business units, and types of operations. Apt clients conduct business on six of seven continents, and Apt's staff is accustomed to serving in a wide range of environments - from the sub-Arctic winter Steppe of Central Asia to the isolated tropical offshore environment of the Gulf of Mexico.

In all climates, cultures, and logistical environments, Apt seeks to provide clients with the types of custom deliverables their businesses require - wherever, whenever, and however their needs are presented. Apt staff performs as if their future income depends on the outcome of each project - because it does!

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